Featured Plants At Schulte's

Bloomstruck Hydrangea

>> Bloomstruck Hydrangea - Hydrangea macrophylla 'P11HM-11'

Bloomstruck Hydrangea features beautiful, large, violet blue or rose pink blooms, depending on the soil type and pH. It blooms on both old and new wood all summer long, with sturdy ruby red stems and glossy deep green leaves that turn burgundy-red in fall, offering true year-round interest!

Majestic Skies Northern Pin Oak

>> Majestic Skies Northern Pin Oak - Quercus ellipsoidalis 'Majestic Skies'

Majestic Skies Northern Pin Oak is an attractive shade tree with a pyramidal-oval habit of growth. The pointy leaves turn an excellent rich red color in fall. This variety produces straighter branching, substantial foliage and a more symmetrical shape than the typical species. It makes a great shade tree choice.

Delft Lace Astilbe

>> Delft Lace Astilbe - Astilbe 'Delft Lace'

Delft Lace Astilbe has striking apricot-pink colored plumes that rise above the glossy leaves. It's the perfect choice for a shady spot in the garden that gets dappled light. This plant prefers even moisture, so water regularly for abundant flowers and consistent foliage.

Abiqua Drinking Gourd Hosta

>> Abiqua Drinking Gourd Hosta - Hosta 'Abiqua Drinking Gourd'

The large leaved ornamental blue-green leaves of Abiqua Drinking Gourd Hosta are cupped, nearly round, and have a dull glaucous bloom. This showy perennial provides beautiful texture and contrast to other plants in the garden. It also features near-white spikes of flowers in mid-summer for added interest!

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