Schulte's Garden Center

Community Involvement

Schulte’s is very proud of their involvement in the local community. Their involvement reaches from the local St. Michael-Albertville School district to area Churches. Over the years Schulte’s has participated in the following events:

Our business is doing our part in 'Going Green' and controlling waste. Here is a list of some of the ways we are doing that:

  • Customers can bring in their used containers and pots which will be recycled and made into new containers.
  • We recycle all of our cardboard and aluminum cans.
  • Straw is used for winter covering. It is spread on the field in the spring, dried and bailed to be used again.
  • Schulte's Garden Center
  • We compost all our used soil, plants, and other organics.
  • The fertilizer used on all our plants is controlled-release plant food, which feeds the plant as it needs it. There is no excess run off, therefore no waste.
  • Some of our plants are grown in biodegradable pots thereby saving on the use of additional plastic.
  • Most of our utility carts are electric, which saves on air pollution.
  • We recently did a complete change out of our lighting in all of our buildings saving on energy use.
  • Offering a line of natural products for fertilizing the garden, insect, disease, deer & rabbit control also helps in saving the environment.
  • We provide environmentally-friendly tips for homeowners on watering your lawn and garden.